Adalberto Rossette was born and raised in the city of São Paulo where he graduated and made a career as a business manager. A true lover of photography and the metropolis, in 2006 Adalberto started as a self taught photographer in the streets of Sao Paulo.

The quality of his photographs soon drew attention of friends and acquaintances that quickly began spreading the word of his work and he rapidly gained artist recognition which led to magazine works both nationally, Lounge, Follow, Void, and internationally, with the acclaimed Juxtapoz Magazine in the US, amongst other countries such as Switzerland and the UK.

His artistic work, under heavy influence of Baroque art and Rembrandt’s paintings, explores shadows and the absence of light to compose his images in a figurative manner, hiding details and highlighting silhouettes, forms and blots that takes the human mind through the entanglements of its own understanding.

Amidst the disparity and exclusion his art approaches, he can, with a fatherly look, present us hospitable look of human frailty and life as a series of calm and incongruous moments.

Photographer and free lance art director, and is part of the “Famiglia Baglione” collective.

Adalberto Rossette lives and works in the city of Sao Paulo.

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